Paco, the one with the empanadas, collects supplies for victims of 'Otis'

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reappeared Paco, the one with the empanadasin their social networks. Days after the passage of Hurricane “Otis” that devastated Acapulco and left 46 dead and several missing, the self-called marketer of the future organized with his wife and some of his friends to collect food for the victims.

The appointment was on Tuesday in the Zócalo of Puebla. Francisco Orihuela was reactivated in its social networks to request the support of his followers and those who would like to join his initiative.

Paco, the one with the empanadas, was accompanied in the morning by his wife Liz and his friend Édgar, who made some of the banners requesting help for the acapulcans hit by the hurricane.

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The Mexican Network of Climate Scientists (REDCiC), made up of dozens of experts from the main higher education institutions in Mexico, noted this Wednesday that the hurricane "Otis" It destroyed 23.5 percent of the built surface in Acapulco, which totals 4,285.1 hectares, to which 2,487.3 hectares are added inland.

People are little by little joining efforts, we are gathering more and more supplies for the people in Acapulco,” said Paco from the Zócalo of Puebla.

“We are not going to stop,” he announced. “Tomorrow (today) we are going to take all this to the most affected neighborhoods in Acapulco for all the people who lost everything.”

He called for the entire “band” to join in and continue supporting those affected by Hurricane “Otis.”

This Wednesday the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced a support plan for 61,313 million pesos (about 3,500 million dollars) for those affected by the impact of Hurricane Otis in Acapulco and surrounding areas.

We have a budget to finance all these needs, these programs and (...) we do not consider allocating these resources as an expense, but rather an investment," said López Obrador during his usual morning session.

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