Pachuca managed to win against Tijuana with a hat trick from Erick Sánchez

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Erick Sánchez became the hero of the match between the Tuzos and the 46' 1T) and Kevin Castañeda (36' 2T, free kick). While the away goals were scored by Erick Sánchez, who scored a Hat-Trick (8' 2T, 14' 2T and 25' 2T).

Erick Sánchez made the stadium vibrate with his definition, in the 25th minute of the second stage. After an individual play on the right, the forward shot at the goal from the door of the area and placed the ball to the left post. Impossible for the archer!

Although Tijuana tried repeatedly, it could not celebrate. He had more shots than his rival (23), of which 14 reached the goal and 7 ended outside.

Erick Sánchez was the figure of the match. The Pachuca striker scored 3 goals and shot into the opponent's goal 5 times.

Carlos Moreno was also important. The Pachuca goalkeeper was essential for stopping 8 shots.

With a dirty game, the match played between both teams stood out. There were a large number of reprimands: David Terans, Erick Sánchez, Pedro Pedraza, Gustavo Cabral, Oussama Idrissi, Owen González and Bryan González. Guillermo Almada was sent off for a straight red card in the 85th minute of the second half.

Tijuana's technical director, Miguel Herrera, proposed a 4-3-3 strategy with Antonio Rodríguez in goal; Diego Barbosa, Rafael Fernández, Nicolás Díaz and Aarón Mejía on the defensive line; Lucas Rodríguez, Domingo Blanco and Fernando Madrigal in the middle; and Christian Rivera, Carlos González and Kevin Castañeda in attack.

For their part, those led by Guillermo Almada stood with a 4-4-2 formation with Carlos Moreno under the three sticks; José Castillo, Gustavo Cabral, Sergio Barreto and Celso Ortiz in defense; David Terans, Miguel Rodríguez, Jesús Hernández and Oussama Idrissi in the midfield; and Erick Sánchez and Lucas Di Yorio up front.

The judge selected for the match at the Caliente stadium was Fernando Hernández Gómez.

After the match, the local team remains with 20 points and in twelfth place in the standings. While the visit has 22 units and occupies ninth place in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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