Pachuca is more leader than ever and aims to break a record in Liga MX

The Tuzos from Pachuca they are holding one of their best tournaments under the guidance of the Uruguayan coach William Almada and thrashed by 3 goals to 0 at Monterrey Striped, who are in the fight to qualify for the next phase directly.

With goals from Luis Chavez and one of Robert of the RosePachuca consolidated in the first place of the table where they aim to surpass the 40-point mark in the tournament Closure 2022although they depend on what your maximum pursuer does Tigers UANL.

The Tuzos led the victory from the first minutes, but it was not until the 18th minute of the match when Luis Chávez scored the goal to open the scoring, with a shot that was impossible to stop for the Argentine goalkeeper. Stephen Andrada. Although the rest of the first half was less intense, those led by Victor Manuel Vucetich could not change the tone of the party.

Second half time

It was not until the 71st minute that the Tuzos decided to close the match and secure first place in the table. Precisely, at a time of concern for the injury of Nicholas Ibanezthe change for Robert of the Rose it worked producing the second goal of the match for Hidalgo's cause.

Closing the engagement, reappeared Luis Chavez to celebrate the triumph and its call to Mexican team for the friendly against Guatemalato be played in the city of Orlando, Florida.

What Pachuca needs to have 40 points

Pachuca just needs to win their last game against a not easy rival like the UNAM Cougars, as a visitor to exceed 40 points. With the 38 points they have, the draw is useless and they would stay 1 short of the record.

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