Pachuca enters the qualifying zone after beating Atlas

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The Tuzos del Pachuca achieved a golden victory, beating Atlas 2-0 and, in that way, They entered the tournament for the first time in the Play-In areawhile the red and blackwhich had the debut of Omar Flores on the bench, practically they signed their elimination of the Opening 2023 of the MX League.

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At 17 minutes, The blue and white team opened the scoring after a great play by Erick Sánchezwho drove for several meters and He provided precise assistance for Jesús Hernándezwho, without thinking twice, defined the first post and defeated Camilo Vargas.

The locals reacted and were close to equalizing the marker when Augusto Solari rose inside the area and finished with a headerbut the ball escaped from one side.

Before the end of the first half, Jeremy Márquez was encouraged from outside the area; However, the round hit the post and the Rojinegros were left with the desire to celebrate the first goal.

Already in the complement, The people of Hidalgo did not slow down and were about to score the second, as Erick Sánchez took a right handwhich was covered by the Colombian goalkeeperbut the rebound fell to the 'Cousin' Hernandezthe same one who made a shot, which went wide.

In the next action, Mauro Manotas overflowed on the right wing, sent a poisonous centerbut when Márquez was going to finish off Gustavo Cabral appeared to divert.

Atlas continued to insist and 'Mudo' Aguirre shot from the half-moon, but the ball went just one side of the visiting goal.

At 81', Pachuca sealed the match with a counterattack finished by Erick Sánchezwho shot from outside the area and the ball went to the bottom after a detour of the defense.

After the meeting held at the Jalisco stadium, the Tuzos del Pachuca climbed to tenth place and Atlas fell to 15th. Weekend the Academy will visit Pumaswhile Pachuca receives Rayados de Monterrey.


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