Pablo Lyle is released from jail after paying bail after causing the death of a man

The legal situation of the Mexican actor paul lylestar of “Mirreyes vs Godínez”, has just taken a breath of fresh air after he was released from jail in Miami, Florida after paying a $50,000 bail that had been imposed three years ago to carry out his trial in freedom. The film and television actor is accused of the murder of a man, with whom he had a traffic fight.

The protagonist of ‘Corazón que mente’ paid bail, reported Juan Díaz Granados, manager of Public Relations of the Miami County Police Departmentprison to which he entered on Thursday after Judge Diana Vizcaíno rejected the defense’s request to suspend this deposit.

“At an early hour the actor was able to prove the payment of the bail and with this he was able to return home with an electronic monitor on his ankle to the place where he has remained under house arrest.”, announced the manager of Public Relations.

In 2019, Pablo Lyle starred in a traffic argument with Juan Ricardo Hernández, a 63-year-old Cuban, whom he punched in the middle of the street. The subject fell to the ground and was taken to the hospital where days later he died of a stroke. For this reason, the actor faces murder charges.

The process of the 35-year-old artist has been long, because due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other legal situations, his hearing was postponed several times. However, this Friday, April 8, he was able to pay his bail and get out of jail, however, he must stay in the United States and will have to use an electronic device.

Pablo Lyle will be at his home in Miami where he will wear an electronic monitor on his ankle and will be guarded by elements of the correctional facility. The soap opera heartthrob will be watched until next Thursday, April 14, the date on which his new hearing will take place.

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