Pablo Alborán invites his fans to forget about the world

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It has been several years since the Spanish Pablo Alborán won the heart of Mexico, a romance that he built by delivering hymns to romance and heartbreak and melodies full of rhythm and joy that invite anyone to dance, and his tour The fourth sheet He predicted that and more with a setlist that would include the songs from his most recent material, but also the classics that have crowned him as one of the guild's favorite balladeers.

That is why the evening looked to be unique under the promise of the singer himself to make that meeting unforgettable.

Good evening, Mexico, how are you? Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for making this possible once again, I missed you so much.

I hope you can enjoy tonight and we forget about the world during these hours. I will do everything possible so that magic invades us all tonight and so that you forget what you want to forget,” the Spaniard greeted at the beginning of his show.

At exactly 9:00 p.m., the symbol that appeared on the cover of this material was projected on a screen placed throughout the entire stage indicating that it was time to start their presentation.

The energy and dancing were immediate as the singer began his show with his songs. Road and blanket, It will not be and Taboo, with which he immediately raised his audience from their seats to accompany him between dances. His hip movements made his fans scream, mostly women over 30 years old, who lost control when they saw his movements.

As a good date, the artist appeared wearing a gray suit that he combined with a white t-shirt and tennis shoes, and accompanied by four musicians he delivered from start to finish.

Voracious, Your refuge, If you had wanted and Saturn They were part of the first set with which he had already thrown his audience into the bag, because between songs they applauded him shouting “Pablo!, Pablo!, Pablo!”.

The singer not only brought the best of his talent and his musicians, but he also accompanied his show with a production that stood out for its colorful visuals between galaxies and jungles that he mixed with multiple rows of reflectors and illuminated platforms that made him see how everything a showman.

One of the favorite parts of his audience was his acoustic set, because in it, their meeting became more intimate in an atmosphere full of romance with songs like Only you, Forgive me, May it always be summer, The suit and At last which he sang from a bench armed simply with a blue guitar and multiple blue-toned reflectors illuminating him, making him look like a deity.

And as if the atmosphere had not already spilled enough honey, the performer took advantage of this moment to remind his fans in Mexico how much they mean to him.

In my life I have been and am very lucky, but it is true that sometimes the frenetic pace of the industry sometimes distracts us, but every time I set foot in Mexico I return to my center, they are like a source of inspiration where everything makes sense and "Everything is thanks to this wonderful audience, I thank you from the bottom of my heart," said the artist, emphasizing that Mexico is and will always be his second home.

After that, the show only brought more songs to sing to the table, launching one by one the hits that have framed his career, first with some more current ones like Zero Steps, Bird of Passage, Journey to Nowherea collaboration he launched with Carin León, and Fearbut the madness came with classics from its beginnings like Finally, I have missed you, I promise, Who and So muchwith which he made his entire audience sing, awakening the screams of men and women alike who surrendered to his charms.

It would seem that there is nothing that does not go well for the 34-year-old Spaniard, who even the technical failures turn out well, because from the beginning he struggled with his microphone, but a sign was enough to get his technician to arrive and without stopping singing , quickly fixed the problem and continued, even allowing himself the luxury of asking for a round of applause for his assistant.

The two-hour evening ended with high energy with the musician dancing from side to side to songs like Live the, Rains, it pours, Friends and finally Party, with which he ironically closed the show precisely in the middle of an atmosphere of celebration.

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