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After the intense rains that have been occurring in the Colombian department of Cundinamarca (center of the country), four people are missing after the overflow of the La Lejía stream this Sunday in the Arbeláez municipality.


Five dead reported after landslides in Cundinamarca, Colombia

According to the governor of Cundinamarca, Nicolás García, the people swept away by the water were three adults and a nine-year-old girl who are being sought by relief agencies after their disappearance.

"We are with the firefighters of the province, with the Red Cross, Civil Defense and with Risk Management of the Department making a presence in the municipality," explained García.

The official urged all the inhabitants of the sector to avoid being near streams or rivers this season, given the rising levels left by the rains. He also indicated that the following days will have heavy rains, even more intense than those that fell previously.

For this Monday, the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies of Colombia (Ideam) confirmed the occurrence of new showers, so that the authorities are alert to the damage caused by the rains.

About 28 people have died, another 45 have been injured in this rainy season that began on March 16.

Data from the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management show that from that day until April 19, some 276 hydrological events have taken place in 166 municipalities in 19 departments.

The most affected departments at the municipal level were Cundinamarca, Antioquia, Cauca, Tolima, Nariño and the Coffee Region. About 5,177 families affected in these events are counted. Some 2,004 houses were partially affected, while 107 are totally damaged.

For her part, the director of IDEAM, Yolanda González, stressed that the rains were strengthened thanks to the La Niña phenomenon. This climatic condition is part of a natural-global cycle called El Niño-Southern Oscillation with two extremes: a warm phase known as El Niño, and the cold phase known as La Niña.

This institution maintains a red alert in the Magdalena, Cauca and Bogotá torrents, orange in the Putumayo and yellow in the Caquetá, due to the rainfall that increased the levels of the rivers.

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