Outrageous: They rob Marcos Rojo’s house while watching a Boca match with Colo Colo

The defender red frames reported on Wednesday that his residence was broken into by unknown persons while he watched on the field of the Estudiantes de La Plata club a match between his team, Boca Juniors, and the Chilean Colo Colo.

The 31-year-old player denounced that the incident occurred last Monday, and local authorities began investigations to find those responsible.

“Unfortunately, yesterday (for Tuesday) while watching the Boca vs. colo colo, the home of Marcos and his family was robbed“Says a message shared by Rojo, to which are attached images of the soccer player and the residential complex where he resides, on the outskirts of the Buenos Aires capital of La Plata.

At the moment, the identity of the thieves is unknown, who would have stolen jewelry, watches and a mobile phone, as well as a large sum of cash, according to police sources cited by local media.

The maid of the Rojo family, a 44-year-old woman, was arrested as a suspect, since the first investigations suggest that it would have allowed criminals to enter.

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