Outrageous: the “death greeting” that the Méderi hospital sent to a chronic kidney patient

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Chronic kidney patient complained about a message sent to him by the Méderi hospital - credit @GermanGaravito/Facebook

A message that is being sent to patients of the Mayor Mederi University Hospital was the cause of complaints by the Colombian journalist Germán Chote Garavitowhich, through your account Facebookdescribed it as a death greeting.

“This was not a greeting of life, but a greeting of death,” he said.

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The message, as confirmed Infobae Colombiaarrived as a text on the cell phone of someone who is a chronic kidney patient and receives dialysis three times a week:

“Dear user, remember that at MEDERI you have the right to: Receive support that mitigates suffering for a good death. Dear user, remember that at MEDERI you have the duty to: Report the circumstances related to your health status.”

Méderi Hospital sent a text message with a message that bothered a chronic kidney patient - credit Germán Chote Garavito/Facebook
Méderi Hospital sent a text message with a message that bothered a chronic kidney patient - credit Germán Chote Garavito/Facebook

The health institution, in a press release, explained that the text message sent to the patient corresponds to one of the actions that is part of the strategy for disseminating duties and rights, and continuous improvement for patients' knowledge. and family members, which control entities require.

“The duties and rights, eleven (Patients must report events that they consider risky for their health) and twelve (Accompaniment that mitigates suffering for a good death), respectively, are disseminated in different media, websites, screens. , brochures and through service hosts, among other channels, to patients and family members as part of the requirements that we must meet as an accredited institution,” said Dr. Nelson Sierra, executive president in charge of Méderi Red Hospitalaria.

Sierra added that the patient received this communication directly from the Contact Center and that, through the user service area, they will make the corresponding adjustment to give greater clarity to patients and family members to avoid discomfort such as those that have arisen.

Regarding the service at the Mayor Méderi University Hospital, Germán Chote Garavito said that they have done many good things for his treatment and care.

"They have done? They have done many good things, very good. I've had MRIs, colonoscopies, endoscopies, X-rays, a little bit of everything. The care has been perfect, it has been very good, they give me my medication, they do my dialysis every other day, I have had no problems with all of that,” he said.

However, he said he was surprised when he opened his text messages and found that greeting.

“But the surprise is that I open my text messages, I find that greeting. It's a greeting, it's a greeting in which they say that. And I say, but how are they going to send me a greeting where they say that they are going to help you die peacefully, that is what I understand: you are going to die peacefully, because Méderi is with you; Well, he seems horrible to me, an eyesore, stupid, stupid.”

Finally, Chote Garavito once again recognized the excellent work of the hospital's medical staff, but reiterated his disagreement with the content of the message they are sending to patients.

“They do work and they work well and they have been a magnificent medical staff, but when I saw that it seemed so surprising to me. This has 10 floors and each floor has about 50 patients, so this pod is full of sick people and how are they going to tell people that, if what they are experts in is treating the sick and we are not a commodity, an object, but that we are human and we need medicine to be humanized, not commercialized, not materialized.”

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