Oswaldo Sánchez is criticized after participating in Pumas vs Chivas

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Oswaldo Sanchez He established himself as one of the best goalkeepers Mexico has ever had, although he also came to be singled out after some errors in certain games. That resume as a player has allowed him to be part of the TUDN team as an analyst, However, it has already become a constant that be singled out for his work with the microphone.

The former Chivas goalkeeper was part of the broadcast team in the match matchday 17 of the MX League, where Pumas received Chivas in a duel that was extremely important for both squads, since a positive result for the cats could put them in a better position.

It's not strange at all see Oswaldo at Chivas games, since he is usually a regular in those broadcasts as he is one of the players who wore that shirt. This time he was no exception and he had to witness how his team was defeated by some Pumas who passed them in the general classification and placed fourth.

Criticism rains down on Oswaldo Sánchez

The TUDN analyst has become one of the most criticized because for many his comments are inconsequential and they do not see him as an analyst; Furthermore, something that Internet users always complain about is that he does not leave aside his red and white colors when giving his opinion.

On this occasion, Sánchez shared the transmission with the 'Kikin' Fonsecaformer Pumas player and another of the most criticized commentators on this television station by Internet users.

“It is already necessary a clean one in TUDN, let Oswaldo Sánchez go,” wrote an 'X' user. “Oswaldo Sánchez throwing very stupid comments as usual,” posted another Internet user.

Another viewer “asked” TUDN to run Oswaldo Sánchez because “He is a Chivas fan.” A follower also compared the new signings of the television station (André Marín and David Faitelson) to the former national team.

“Televisa boasts about its bombshell signings and they continue to put Oswaldo Sánchez on the broadcast.”


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