Osmel Sousa cried remembering the rejection he felt by his parents: "I had such an oppressed childhood"

Osmel Sousa.

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The 'Beauty Czar' as Osmel Sousa is known has become one of the most beloved participants in 'The House of Celebrities 3', a reality show in which he has opened his heart. This time he confessed the hard childhood he lived because he felt rejection by his parents about his sexual orientation.

The Cuban entered the confessional to talk with "La Jefa" and vented about one of the most difficult issues for him: his relationship with his family. Through tears, he released heartbreaking phrases that moved many Internet users and the voice of the house itself.

“When I left my house I felt that they did not approve of me as I was. I had such an oppressed childhood, because I always heard my mother say that she would prefer that one of her sons die if he were homosexual”.

Osmel Sousa

He also said that from a very young age he felt confused and afraid to behave as his heart asked. "I felt very confused as a boy and as if trying not to show anything as I was, that I have been since I was little, I think"he stressed.

'Uncle Osmel', as many netizens call him, expressed that listening to his reality show partners talk about their families made him confess what he experienced with his family.

“It gave me a guilty conscience not to get close to my dad and my mom because I was afraid they wouldn't accept me; and so time passed and I did not see them again for many years. In fact, I never saw my dad again because he died while I was in Venezuela."he related without being able to avoid being broken by the memories.

The experiences he had with his family nucleus and his subsequent decision to distance himself from them for fear of being rejected for being homosexual have charged him with feelings and prompted him to ask for "forgiveness" in church whenever he goes.

"I apologize for not getting close to my parents, that is a regret that I carry inside, that today I am sharing it with you for the first time, I think, because I do not like to talk about it," he added.

The former president of the Miss Venezuela Organization was visibly affected, while thanking "La Jefa" for listening to him.

During his more than 40 decades at the head of the mises preparation, he managed to obtain the Miss Universe crown with Irene Sáez (1981), Bárbara Palacios (1986), Alicia Machado (1996), Dayana Mendoza (2008), Stefanía Fernández (2009) and Gabriela Isler (2013).

His greatest achievement was the coronation of Dayana Mendoza to her countrywoman Stefanía Fernández in 2009.
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