Oscar Awards 2022: Lin-Manuel Miranda could become an EGOT legend if he wins ‘Dos Oruguitas’ from ‘Encanto’

Lin-Manuel Miranda is about to make history: If on March 27 he wins the Oscar for best original song for “Dos Oruguitas”, he will enter the select group of so-called EGOTs, people who have won an Emmy (television), a Grammy (music ), an Oscar (cinema) and a Tony (theater).

I remember when my first musical came out I thought: ‘it’s going to be successful or it’s not going to be, but then I’m going back to my normal life’ and… I never went back“, explains the composer, director and playwright of Puerto Rican origin in an interview with Efe.

Only 16 people have that EGOT, the “grand slam” of the arts in the United States. Rita Moreno she is the only Latina who has achieved it.

Miranda (New York, 1980) entered the world of entertainment by setting foot on Broadway with two musicals, “In the Heights” and “Hamilton”, which accumulated 16 nominations for the Tony Awards, the highest distinction on the theater circuit.

With ‘In The Heights’ we were on Broadway for almost 3 years and I was famous in my neighborhood, 46th Street and in Puerto Rico“, remember.

And with ‘Hamilton’ my whole life changed“, Add.

The two stories celebrated the immigrant experience in the United States, infected their characters with Latino pride and shared with the public the lives of people who left their homes to seek a new opportunity.

It was my way of securing a life in this world that I wanted, because there was only ‘West Side Story’ and that was it.” he points out.

If her stories worked, Miranda would accept the responsibility of “giving more opportunities to our artists, to our people, to Latinos.”

“Hamilton” popularized the biography of one of the founders of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, the first secretary of the Treasury of the United States, a man who was born in 1757 in the Caribbean, poor, without family, and emigrated to New York until he became the first Secretary of the Treasury of the North American country.

When the government wanted to replace Hamilton’s face on $10 bills in 2015, the popularity of the musical put a stop to the plans.

“In The Heights”, his first work, narrated life in the Manhattan neighborhood where Miranda grew up, Washington Heights, a little piece of the Caribbean in the Big Apple.

He wrote it as a musical in 2002, and this summer, almost 20 years later, its film adaptation was released.

“The story came from a fear that told me ‘if I don’t write these characters, they won’t exist,'” he says.


For Miranda, the jump from Broadway to Hollywood has been a tall one.

In the same year, he has released four different projects: the film “Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!” as director, the adaptation of “In the Heights” as producer and actor, and the animated films “Vivo” and “Encanto” as composer of their soundtrack.

“This summer I took my first vacation with my wife in 13 years,” says the musician.

Although the break did not last long, because when he returned to the United States he discovered that one of the songs he composed for “Encanto”, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, had become a worldwide phenomenon.

“I got an email from a friend I knew in college but hadn’t heard from in 15 years,” he recalls. And it was a video of her daughter singing the song for days and days and days.”


A few weeks ago, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” took first place on the Billboard Hot 100, the main list of music popularity in the United States.

Since 1993’s “A Whole New World” tape “Aladdin,” no other Disney song has done it.

The theme, which talks about the taboo subjects of a family, has crossed borders with a virality among children that has not been seen since the famous “Let it Go” from “Frozen”, although it will not compete for the Oscar because Disney decided to present as The ballad “Dos Oruguitas” was nominated, sung in Spanish by Sebastián Yatra.

It will be this theme that will give Miranda the key to enter the EGOT club, but he has another prize that is almost more inspiring, that of receiving messages of gratitude when there are Latino actors who find him and say that they found work with their characters.

“I take that very seriously,” he says.

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