Organized crime and garbage dominate the Luis Donaldo neighborhood, in Acapaulco

Organized crime and garbage dominate the Luis Donaldo neighborhood, in
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The lack of electricity is generating an increase in crimes in the neighborhood Luis Donaldo Colosio of the municipality of Acapulcowhere its inhabitants have been living for 15 days with tons of fetid garbage, nauseating water and the organized crime that controls the area.

During a tour that Grupo Imagen took through the area, which was visited last Thursday, November 2, nothing has changed, the smells of putrefaction are increasingly unbearable as well as the access of organized crime and common crime that attacks with sunset, because in this area of ​​the Diamante zone there is no electricity,

It is no secret to anyone that the Colonia Luis Donaldo Colosio, Colosio Extension and Rinconada del Mar is dominated by the criminal group “Los Rusos” founded by Juan Carlos Rodríguez, alias “El Ruso”, lieutenant and collaborator of the Beltrán Leyva family.

According to testimonies from the neighbors themselves who, for protection, their names are not mentioned, organized crime “read the card to everyone” before Hurricane “Otis” entered Acapulco.

"Those who loot, steal or open a business in this area will be damned," warned a plaza boss (whom they did not mention for fear of his safety) who lives in the Colosio neighborhood.

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However, the lack of electricity has generated an increase in home robberies at nightfall, in Acapulco it begins to get dark at 6 in the afternoon, which makes these three neighborhoods a den of wolves.

According to María Luisa Marín Soria, the issue of security is somewhat delicate, because gunshots are heard almost daily, which generates fear of a stray bullet.

This is another of the most difficult issues, at night they are breaking into our house and it is very sad, sorry but I want to avoid it.”

He added that, in addition to the problem of garbage and insecurity, stagnant water produces thousands of flies that can cause dengue, chikungunya, Zika or other diseases.

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