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Social organizations from Santa Cruz, in Bolivia, will mobilize on October 3 to support the government of President Luis Arce and reject the indefinite economic strike called this Friday by the Civic Committee of the aforementioned department.


Government of Bolivia confirms that the census will be held in 2024

The organizations, grouped around the leadership of the Movement for Socialism, announced that they will not allow an indefinite strike to hinder the stability of the economy, much less take advantage of this situation to perpetrate a new coup.

This Friday a massive town hall was held in Santa Cruz from which an ultimatum emanated: civic leaders and attendees gave the Executive a 21-day deadline to advance the national census to 2023, or they will initiate an indefinite strike from October 22 .

In addition, they demanded that the Government offer the results of the census exercise in 120 days.

The census is organized for 2024 taking into account recommendations from the United Nations (UN) and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), as well as rigorous technical aspects to provide quality information that supports the implementation of public politics.

The UN and ECLAC themselves have assessed that the period of 120 days to offer the results is unfeasible.

After recent political pressure on the Executive, the Vice Minister of Communication, Gabriela Alcón, affirmed that the speeches offered during the town hall were marked by destabilizing and political messages.

He ratified that the national census is a priority for the Executive, but focused on its technical aspects and away from possible politicization.

He recalled that the Government invited the citizens of Santa Cruz to a technical table on the census, scheduled for October 11.

In addition, he stressed that an indefinite economic strike will bring disastrous consequences for the population, which he asked not to allow this new maneuver. According to Bolivian media, each day of unemployment costs the country 36 million dollars.

For his part, the Minister of Planning, Sergio Cusicanqui, said that the civic groups of Santa Cruz first requested to hold technical roundtables on the census and now announced measures of pressure and imposition of a date for the census.

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