Orbelín Pineda does not go unnoticed: from Celta de Vigo they plan to recover the Mexican

Orbelín Pineda is among those shortlisted for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Photo: Hector Vivas/Getty Images

Orbelín Pineda left Liga MX almost a year ago with the great goal of succeeding in Europe. Celta de Vigo was the team that acquired his file, but after six months the club decided loan it to AEK Athens. From Greece, the Mexican has shown his true worth and today the board of directors of the Spanish team regrets having let him go.

The former Cruz Azul player did not have many opportunities in Spanish football. When it was rumored that the Aztec would return to Liga MX, Matías Almeyda and AEK Athens decided to give Pineda the opportunity. Almost six months after his arrival in Greece, the president of Celta de Vigo, Carlos Mouriño already intends to recover it.

I am convinced of it (recover Orbelin). Hopefully we could pick it up again for this December market. We do not know if it is possible because there is a contract with another team and a World Cup in between”, explained Mouriño in an interview with the newspaper Récord.

Orbelín Pineda was loaned to AEK Athens for one season with an option to buy. But Celta de Vigo would still have the Mexican's record in their possession until June 2027.

One of the main reasons why the Aztec left the Spanish team was because He did not finish convincing the coach Eduardo "Chacho" Coudetbut this would no longer represent a problem, since the South American strategist was dismissed from his position.

Orbelín was a great bet. We considered that he had to be a reference player for the team. For reasons he did not fit in the system, like Celta, I wouldn't have let him go. We think he has tremendous potential.”, added the president.

The "Maguito" has played 12 games this season. The trust that Matías Almeyda has given him has been returned to him with 3 goals and 1 assist for the benefit of the Greek team.

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