ORA 03, a jewel of GWM innovation

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Pedro Diaz

GWM (Great Wall Motor) kept its promise. Three weeks after presenting its first vehicle in the Mexican market, it launched one of the most innovative automobiles in its extensive portfolio, the Ora 03, a fully electric vehicle that has become one of the brand's most notable innovation triumphs.

This extraordinary vehicle promises to offer drivers an unparalleled mobility experience, with a range of up to 374 km in its Premium version and up to 500 kilometers per charge in the Luxury version, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. ORA 03 is more than an electric car, it is a declaration of independence for urban drivers who care about sustainable mobility and having a safe vehicle, with an innovative design, cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance. With Ora 03, constant reloads are over.

“Ora 03 redefines what we know in this segment; In this 100% electric vehicle we see a retro-futuristic aesthetic, a subtle mix between cutting-edge technology and elements with a striking and different design that remind us of that conception of the future from the perspective of the past. It is truly a very exciting piece of design and engineering,” said Pedro Albarrán, vice president and general director of GWM Mexico. The man responsible for the striking design of the ORA 03 is the work of Emanoel Derta, who at the time was responsible for the design of several of the most iconic models of the Porsche brand. He is the one who made ORA a mix of modern aesthetics and retro styling, combined with supercar-worthy aerodynamics and outstanding handling.

Among the features of this piece of GWM engineering, the retro-style body with defined and concise lines stands out; You can also see vintage-style headlights with a rounded design and LED technology, 18-inch wheels, a large spoiler designed to effectively control the downward force of the air flow and reduce the wind resistance coefficient, thus improving maneuverability and safety. , giving the vehicle a sporty appearance that is accentuated by the two-color pattern on the body.

ORA 03 has a light bar incorporated into the rear window, an element that plays a fundamental role in the design and safety, since, together with the rear lights, which have been incorporated in a higher position, they allow better warning to vehicles traveling behind to ensure safe driving. Ora is one of the five subbrands that make up the GWM family (Haval, Ora, Poer, Wey and Tank) and arrives in Mexico in the Premium version, for $536,900 pesos and the Luxury version, for $599,900 pesos.

The new member of the GWM Mexico family arrives after the successful presentation of the Haval H6, the leading SUV in sales in the segment in China for the last 11 years and which led the arrival to our country with the help of GWM Finance, the financial company that the Asian brand created in alliance with BBVA and from which financing schemes have been designed with rates of 10.99% without opening commission. It is important to mention that the brand continues to fulfill its promises and on this occasion we will have a financing scheme with a rate of 10.99% without opening commission and a monthly payment of $4 thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine pesos. With these types of actions we continue to reaffirm our seriousness and commitment to Mexico and our clients.

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