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The opposition won this Sunday in the primary elections held in Santa Fe, a province located in the northeast of Argentina, after a campaign with denunciations of drug trafficking financing.


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The United to Change Santa Fe alliance, which included the Republican Proposal, the party of former President Mauricio Macri, the Radical Civic Union and socialism, obtained 65.21 percent of the votes.

For its part, the Avancemos Juntos formation obtained 25.90 percent, with 62.7 percent of polling stations counted.

The political scientist and former Security Minister of Santa Fe, Maximiliano Pullaro, obtained 35.96 percent of the vote compared to 21.74 percent for the former journalist and senator, Carolina Losada. Therefore, the first will face the other political formations for the post of governor, on September 10.

This election was transferred to the national level, since the pre-candidates for the Presidency for Together for Change, the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the former Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, supported one of the candidates from Santa Fe on that front. opponent.

The mayor of Buenos Aires highlighted after Pullaro's victory that "people chose the path of experience and management" and added on his Twitter account that the politician for whom he bet "took charge" and did it "without shouting" , in a clear allusion to Bullrich's harsh speech in the campaign for the national opposition inmates.

The former Minister of Security is committed to a "hard hand" in the fight against organized crime and against social protests. In addition, she published a message in which she expressed her support for the winner of the internal contest, "Santa Fe deserves to live in peace and order."

Rodríguez Larreta and Bullrich will fight for the opposition candidacy for the October presidential elections on August 13, when the PASO will be held in Argentina.

The campaign was tinged with a high level of confrontation, which became even more tense when another political party raised suspicions about whether the origin of the money for the campaign came from drug trafficking.

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