Opposition seeks to reduce votes needed for vacancy in Peru | News


The bench of the right-wing party Avanza País, in Peru, announced on Wednesday that it will present a bill with which it proposes to reduce the votes necessary for the presidential vacancy from 87 to 78 and thereby bring closer the possible impeachment of President Pedro Castillo.


President Castillo presents the new Minister of the Interior in Peru

According to congressman Diego Bazán, “after a caucus meeting, at Avanza País we have agreed to present tonight the bill that reduces the votes necessary for the presidential vacancy, from 87 to 78.”

The announcement comes just when Congressman Carlos Anderson announced that he is promoting a new vacancy motion against President Pedro Castillo, after the denunciations against the Government made by the former Minister of the Interior, Mariano González.

For his part, legislator Jorge Montoya announced the presentation of a third presidential vacancy motion once the new Board of Directors of Congress is installed, in a new attempt to overthrow the president-elect.

Even further, Keiko Fujimori, from Fuerza Popular, spoke out in favor of an early general election because she justified “it is the quickest solution that Peruvians are waiting for.”

The first year of the Peruvian Congress, after the 2021 elections, ends with two failed presidential vacancy attempts against Pedro Castillo.

Until now, the opposition bloc has stabilized votes against the government up to 73 votes, for which it needs 14 additional votes to reach the 87 required for the removal of the president.

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