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The political opposition in Uruguay questioned the Minister of the Environment, Robert Bouvier, for the awarding of the construction of a water treatment plant to private capital, in the department of San José.


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The member of the Frente Amplio, Filipe Carballo, pointed out that the vital resource is property of the State, which is why the Neptune Project - as the initiative is called by the Government - is unconstitutional.

For his part, the coordinator of the Deputies bench, Gonzalo Civila, expressed that the project promoted by the aforementioned ministry regarding the water treatment plant is “very negative” for the country and a “bad solution”, generating other problems.

He assured that it is “a project in which adverse environmental effects are expected, rejected by many social organizations, which would have an effect on the territory where it is going to be developed and would not solve the underlying problem, in an area where there are salinity events. ”.

According to the design conceived for the infrastructure, said water treatment plant would take water from the Río de la Plata to distribute it in Montevideo and the metropolitan area.

The initiative, in addition to introducing private capital in the management of the Uruguayan resource, would cost three times as much as similar projects previously studied.

Opposition legislators indicated that the measure is rejected by academia and various social sectors, such as the Public Water Company Union.

They went to Parliament to express their position and recalled that citizens presented a plebiscite in 2004 to preserve water as a monopoly resource of the State.

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