Opposition party rejects possible military intervention in Haiti | News

The Democratic Party of Haiti, Lòd Demokratik, on Friday stressed its opposition to a military intervention in the country after Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s call to join forces to face the national crisis, which was interpreted as a call for intervention.


UN calls to stop new cholera epidemic in Haiti

In this sense, the representative of the political coalition, Jean Renel Sénatus, emphasized that given the critical situation unleashed in the nation, it is necessary to strengthen the institutions responsible for national security such as the police and the army.

He also added that the authorities must promote and identify pertinent solutions to the disastrous context aggravated by the control exercised by armed gangs in the territories where there is no evident combative work by the security forces.

Previously, last Wednesday, October 5, the executive Ariel Henry, through a speech requested the assistance of the international community after the gangs blocked access to the main oil terminal, limiting the operation of hospitals and water treatment companies in amid a resurgence of cholera.

“The criminal behavior of these people has created a humanitarian crisis that we have never seen and that threatens the sovereignty of Father Desalines, we cannot sit idly by and watch some bandits, associated with some bad politicians, plunge our country into a disaster. without equal”, sentenced the entity.

Following the declaration, in cities such as Petion-Ville, Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haïtien, rumors began to circulate of an alleged resignation of the premier, causing popular jubilation before the premier issued a formal statement of denial.

“The Office of Communication of the Premierate of the Republic of Haiti formally and categorically denies the information transmitted, in particular, on social networks, according to which the Prime Minister, Dr. Ariel Henry, has resigned,” underlined the official government statement. .