Opposition parties ask to accelerate aid to victims of Otis in Guerrero

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Leaders of opposition political parties and legislators called on the federal government to accelerate help for victims for the passage of Hurricane Otis in Guerrero, pointing out that not only the military should contribute to this end.

The leader of the PAN, Marko Cortes, He pointed out that the Army must facilitate civil groups to deliver food supplies at their own expense and supplies to help the people of Guerrero.

"We demand that you stop obstructing the support that many people want to send, but not through your government."

“As they did with vaccines, they want to be the only ones who distribute support to use the tragedy and need politically. I wish they at least did it well,” she commented on social networks.

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The general secretary of the PRD, Adriana Díaz Contreras, regretted the decision not allow greater participation of universities and social groups in the support needed in the state of Guerrero.

“At this moment the most important thing is to help Guerrero, but people have memories and will not forget those who turn their backs on them”he highlighted.

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The leader of the PAN senators, Julen Rementería, said that the authorities have prevented the arrival of civil society organizations with aid, arguing that no one takes advantage of the people's needs.

“We must bring water, food, clothing, and footwear to the hundreds of thousands of victims. Let's help"

“Given the level of devastation that exists in Acapulco, the president literally says that neither civil authorities nor the federal government, nor the state government, nor the municipal government, much less social organizations called non-governmental or civil society, should send help. ”he commented.

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