Opposition goes with Taboada in CDMX

Opposition goes with Taboada in CDMX
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Santiago Taboada will be the pre-candidate for Head of Government of the Va por la CDMX coalition.

This was agreed by the Broad Front for Mexico (FAM), leaving aside the internal process that they had announced in recent days, which provided for three debates and a survey.

The coalition's governing body determined that only one of the candidates achieved the consensus of the three members of that body to be considered a pre-candidate," the FAM said in a statement issued almost at midnight.

The national leaders of the PRI, PAN and PRD met yesterday, after which they indicated that Taboada “received the support of all the members of the governing body.” This leaves out Adrián Rubalcava of the PRI, and Luis Espinosa Cházaro, of the PRD, who registered for their parties this week.

On the social network “We are sure that we will win #CDMX.”

Meanwhile, Alejandro Moreno, national president of the tricolor, stated: “We are going to work together, with the firm conviction of returning the country's capital to the greatness it deserves.”

After the announcement, the blue and white capital leader, Andrés Atayde, said that the alliance will win the city and congratulated Taboada.

The licensed mayor of Benito Juárez thanked the trust and support to lead the project.

Yesterday afternoon, Rubalcava reiterated the call to have a transparent process and to allow the three candidates to make their proposals known among the militancy.

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