Opposition accuses the mayor of Xochimilco of influence peddling

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The mayor of Xochimilco, José Carlos Acosta Ruíz, is accused by the opposition for benefiting the supplier Edgar Jonathan Alquiciria San Germán with million-dollar contractsin addition to having the businessman's brother in its administration.

Deputy Daniela Álvarez, from the Citizen Parliamentary Association, questioned the Morenista mayor during his last appearance in joint commissions of the Congress of Mexico City, for benefiting said businessman since 2019, 2020 and 2021 with at least 7 contracts with a total of approximately 5 million pesos.

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We identified that the Xochimilco mayor's office entered into contracts with the individual Edgar Jonathan Alquiciria San Germán. So far this year he has signed at least 7 contracts with a total of approximately 5 million pesos. "This businessman has his relative named José Alquicira San Germán working in the mayor's office, so we assume that there may be a possible conflict of interest," he warned.

The local legislator also pointed out that José Carlos Acosta Ruíz favors direct adjudication in contracts or to the entrepreneurs themselves.

The parliamentarian also presented indicators of the Secretariat of Administration and Finance of the Government of Mexico City for the fiscal year of 2021, which in Xochimilco does not effectively exercise its public spending.

He explained that The demarcation only verified 75% of public spending and for the rest there is no clarificationwhich is why it suggests that the Superior Audit of Mexico City determine whether a tax crime was committed.

Why could your government not verify in a timely manner its spending administered by local authorities during 2021? This means that his government had under-executed spending or worse yet that it has not been able to verify all the expenditures made during 2021. If so, it would have to be held accountable before the Superior Audit of CDMX," he questioned.



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