Opinion of the national expert -Legislative work, without stopping in the Senate

Opinion of the national expert Legislative work, without stopping in
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By Margarita Valdez

In recent weeks, serious situations have had more spotlights in terms of disasters caused by nature and regarding the political scenario in the case of the governorships that will be contested in 2024 in nine states, however, these events have not prevented The LXV Legislature in the Senate of the Republic continues its work promoting laws in favor of all citizens.

Proof that there is no impasse legislative is that, in the last month and a half of the current ordinary period, in plenary session we have approved relevant reforms in favor of the health of our children and adolescents, such as the prohibition in schools of advertising of foods for drinks with low nutritional value, which which will allow better eating habits and prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, among others.

And precisely in relation to this sector of the population, which is so relevant in our present and our near future, particularly boys and girls with disabilities, special scholarships were approved for disabled children of retired military personnel, which It gives rise to continuing to promote initiatives so that all people with disabilities have the right to support, without conditions, throughout their lives.

While in terms of progress on the issue of gender parity and gender perspective, it was approved that there be gender training in security institutions, which tend to have mostly male personnel.

In terms of health at work, we approve updating the tables of occupational diseases, so that they are more in line with the reality faced by workers in our country.

In addition, the legality of the administrative sanctioning processes was improved, so that these are carried out in a better way and the procedures are respected and, in relation to our agricultural producers, rules were approved that will facilitate their access to credits.

Likewise, regarding the powers of the Upper House, we approved the appointments of the ambassadors of the Netherlands, Austria and Ecuador, among others.

We also pay tribute to the left-wing philosopher who formed many generations in our country: Enrique Dusselwho died a few days ago “leaving a great political and academic legacy.”

I cannot fail to mention that a few weeks ago the recognition of Dr. JesĂşs Kumate RodrĂ­guez to the Sinaloa doctor was given in the Senate for the second time. Alejandro Llausas Vargasfor a lifetime of dedication to health care.

I close this brief chronicle of legislative achievements by mentioning that they were placed in golden letters on our premises: Francisco Villa“revolutionary of the people” general, which means capturing for history the honor that the people of Mexico have given to the Centaur of the North.

These are just some examples that, less than a year after the end of the current legislature, senators continue with our constant work, beyond partisan activities or the debates that are typical of our parliamentary life. This way we will continue to fulfill the mandate that the people have given us.

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