Operation in CDMX pantheons 2023, for Day of the Dead

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In the first minute of this Saturday the Pantheons Special Operation 2023to guarantee the safety of the little more than 300 thousand people who are expected to attend to visit their deceased, in the 120 cemeteries that are in the Mexico City (CDMX), starting this October 28 and until Friday, November 3.

We will seek to detect any type of problem and protect the safety of visitors to the pantheons. Last year we had an influx of more than 300 thousand people, this means that we will have a very similar approximate attendance,” said Head of Government Martí Batres, when announcing at a press conference the start of the special operation for Day of the Dead 2023. .

To do this, the Government Secretariat will install the Morelos Base, in coordination with the 16 mayoralties.

On the part of the Secretary of Citizen Security More than 17,400 uniformed personnel were deployed, supported by 2,860 official vehicles, five tow trucks, 22 ambulances and 16 motorcycle ambulances.

As part of the deployment, the Auxiliary Police officers will carry out prevention and surveillance work in the vicinity of the 120 cemeteries that are located in the 16 municipalities of the capital, said the Secretary of Citizen Security, Pablo Vázquez Camacho.

To prevent the assistants to the pantheons If they park in prohibited places, or in double or even triple rows at the entrances to these sites, vehicular corridors will be enabled at the entrances by Traffic Police, who will guarantee vehicular circulation.

The SSC will also coordinate with operators of C2 and C5 to monitor any act that alters public order or puts the safety and physical and property integrity of people at risk.

Operational in markets and pilgrimages of CDMX

This orPerative will reach markets and pilgrimages in CDMX, said Pablo Vázquez Camacho, “in order to maintain public order, control of vehicular traffic and parking” for the Day of the Dead celebrations. Special attention will be paid to minors and their companions who hold or participate in Halloween and “calaveritas” parties.

Given this, the official called Do not lose sight of minors during mass events, nor belongings or valuables.

In case of any eventuality, attendees can approach the nearest police officers or request support through the emergency number 911.

Janl Operation Pantheons 2023, 200 officials participate on the part of the SecGob, who will be in coordination with Health and Civil Protection personnel, among other central government agencies.


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