Only in the National Palace, AMLO would receive the celebrities who criticized the Mayan Train

Mexico.- Within the framework of today’s morning, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador limited the invitation to dialogue for the celebrities who criticized the Mayan Train, especially for the artists who a few days ago uploaded a video to the networks alluding to the matter .

AMLO reiterated openness to dialogue, but now he limited it: it will be in the National Palace or it will not be.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador refused to go to Section 5 of the Mayan Train to explain to environmentalists and celebrities the implications of the great work: “I am going to appoint a representative, it is better that the peasants of the Jacinto Pat ejido represent me, I am going to send them a letter to them to see if they want to represent me and cater to real and fake environmentalists.”

He explained that his refusal to go to Quintana Roo is due to the fact that celebrities have a “political” purpose and he is not going to play along with them: he has to take care of the “presidential investiture,” he said, because he must defend the transformation project and not can be exposed.

“If they come here, and those famous people who came out, we serve them here, I talk to them; imagine meeting everyone at CIDE, the entire Aguilar Camín or Krauze group. When am I going to convince them? So no, if these are the ones who came out, they were like 20, to those 20, here I talk to them. Whenever they want, they can come,” said the president.


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