Only 77 of these Porsches for fans of speed

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The Stuttgart brand has the firm intention of providing its customers with the best vehicles to satisfy their passion for the racing tracks.
The most recent launch is the Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsport. This competition car will be available only to 77 lucky customers, who will be able to enjoy the latest technology and all the brand's experience in the world of racing.
Following the line of the successful Porsche 935 from 2018, which paid tribute to the legendary "Moby Dick", it now dazzles with the 911 GT3 R Rennsport which, thanks to its qualities, could well compete in Le Mans or Daytona.
However, there is a fundamental distinction: the 77 Porsche 911 GT3 R Rennsports to be manufactured will not be subject to any restrictions, such as those usually applied through the controversial BoP (Balance of Performance).
Despite sharing the same 4.2 naturally aspirated flat-six engine, the GT3 R develops 558 horsepower, while the Rennsport version can reach up to 612 hp.

  • In addition, the option is offered to equip the engine with or without silencers, which allows the sound level to be adjusted according to the demands of the circuit on which you wish to drive.
  • The engine can run on E25 gasoline, as well as ReFuel and e-Fuel.

In terms of aerodynamics and weight reduction, Porsche has transferred all the features of its competition car to the Rennsport, which translates into a weight of just 2,734 pounds.

The German firm announced that 77 units are now available for sale, and it is likely that by the time you are reading these lines, all the copies have already been sold, despite their stratospheric cost of $1,006,881 per unit, not counting taxes and expenses. of shipping.

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