One year after the start of the war, Ukraine is on high alert due to the Russian offensive; and more | Front pages of the world 02/24/2023

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This is what stands out on the front pages of the international media, this Friday, February 24, 2023:

The Biden-Zelensky bond: strong after a tense start

A year of a wartime alliance that has become crucial to world order

Trump loses control of the Republican Party

More than 150 interviews in key states show changes, even among his followers

One year of the most global war since 1945

Putin's decision was a challenge to the world order

The Guardian / UK

A “defunct” cryptocurrency company sparks fears about lobbyists

The adventures of "Tano" and "Seba"

As soon as Judge Sebastián Ramos denied any personal relationship with the Buenos Aires minister D'Alessandro before the Impeachment Commission, chats between the two spread, proving their absolute familiarity, even in nicknames. So much so that the judge asks for irregular favors and the official always complies with them. Ramos filed the case for D'Alessandro's chats in record time.

Ukraine on high alert for Russian offensive, one year after the start of the war

kyiv tightened security at critical points in the country and says it is preparing a response

Toledo uses Castillo and the protests as a pretext to avoid his extradition

Desperate attempt in search of impunity

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