One year after one of the worst massacres in Mexico, the bodies of the victims have not been found

After the mass execution, the hit men took the bodies away and nothing more was heard from them.

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The town of Saint Joseph of Gracelocated in the state of Michoacán, came into the public eye for an act of barbarism, since during a funeral an armed group took out several of the attendees and shot themHowever, the bodies of the people murdered in cold blood have not been found, this after a year of the events that shocked the community and the entire country.

The massacre was proof of what regions plagued by violence and disputes between criminal groups live on a daily basis, in which the inhabitants are threatened in any of their activities. It was not only the firing squad, but also the disappearance of the bodies and with it the inaccuracy of the victims, since their relatives remain silent out of fear, leaving their names forgotten.

Many of the residents left the community to get away from the deadly shadow that continues to lurk in every corner, their belongings were left there, as mute witnesses of what one day was a normal life, but the criminals even disrupted that, since they also stole the valuable things.

The facts

At least 17 people were killed and several more injured was the balance of the alleged execution in San José de Gracia during the wake of Mrs. Elisa "N", mother of a criminal identified as Alejandro "N", alias "El Pelón". The woman had died a day earlier, of cirrhosis, in a hospital.

When "El Pelón" arrived, his older brother questioned his presence, but he said he had permission from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) to attend to say goodbye to his mother. SYour rivals expected that to happen, so they already expected itDespite the fact that he arrived accompanied by bodyguards, the hit men outnumbered them. When they left the place where they were keeping a wake for his mother, his bodyguards were subjected to

Abel “N”, alias “El Viejón”, shot him in the head, these men had old feuds, including murders of family membersThat is the motive that is being investigated for the crimes.

The hitmen cleaned up the crime scene, leaving no trace of the massacre or of the people who lost their lives in it, nor have their bodies been found.

One year after the tragedy

The first investigations showed that those responsible were members of Pájaros Sierra, a split from the CJNG and there were several arrests, which so far total 87, although the leaders continue to enjoy freedom.

The Michoacán authorities offer a reward of 100,000 pesos for information that leads to the capture of the leaders of the criminal group.

About the bodies it has been said that it is probable that they were buried in Jaliscoin the area of ​​the municipality of Mazamitla, this version is strengthened thanks to the statements of witnesses who assure that the trucks with the bodies of the victims took a path through gaps that lead to the neighboring state.

The truth is that although some videos about the massacre were shared, no one talks about it. San José de Gracia is a community where everyone knows each other, for the same reason they prefer to keep quiet, even the police, when they were warned of what was happening, withdrew, they were overwhelmed, as the territory is overwhelmed by the drug traffickers.

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