ONCOCREAN of Sinaloa awards excellent care to pediatric cancer patients

ONCOCREAN of Sinaloa awards excellent care to pediatric cancer patients

Mexico.- Social Security authorities held the 105th working meeting virtually with the parents of pediatric patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Authorities of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) informed the mothers and fathers of pediatric cancer patients that the State Reference Center for the Care of Boys and Girls with Cancer (ONCOCREAN) of the Regional General Hospital (HGR) No. 1 in Culiacán, Sinaloa, provides excellent care after adapting spaces, hiring and continuous training of health personnel, among other actions.

Within the framework of the one hundred and fifth meeting of the working group for the care of minors with cancer, Dr. Enrique López Aguilar, head of the Oncology Care Coordination, highlighted that the ONCOCREAN in Sinaloa has 14 beds, has an average of attention to 70 new cases per year and an influx of the Gynecology-Pediatrics Hospital (HGP) No. 2 in Los Mochis, and the General Hospitals of the Zone (HGZ) No. 3 in Mazatlán and No. 32 in Guasave.

In a virtual session, López Aguilar explained that an excellent service is provided to minors with cancer through adequate spaces for timely care and continuous training for the 25 doctors and 30 nurses at HGR No. 1 Culiacán, specializing in the implementation of the Golden Hour, Early Warning Assessment Scale (EVAT) and Attention Algorithm.

He added that the Medical and Nursing personnel of HGP No. 2 Los Mochis, and HGZ No. 3 Mazatlán and No. 32 Guasave have been trained, of which 125 were prepared in Golden Hour, 128 in Palliative Care and 509 in Access vascular.

The IMSS Oncology Care coordinator pointed out that nine doctors were hired for the Sinaloa State Reference Center to cover the morning, evening, night shifts, accumulated shifts and Pediatrics in the Emergency Department.

He highlighted that the diagnostic and therapeutic opportunity has been implemented, the supply of basic medicines through the planning of the ONCOCREAN requirement, the implementation of new drugs in order to have targeted therapies, the use of diagnostic technology with the shipment of Immunophenotype samples. of the minor with Leukemia and Minimum Residual Disease at the Eastern Biomedical Research Center (CIBIOR), and of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) studies.

Dr. Enrique López Aguilar said that they are working together with the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) Pediatric Hospital of the Western National Medical Center (CMN) for the implementation of an area of ​​accompaniment and palliative care. Currently there is a room.
On another issue, the head of the Digital Services and Information Division for Digital Health Care of the IMSS, Isaac Mejía Montes de Oca, announced the incorporation of 99 new beneficiaries to the platform for the registration of patients and cancer treatments. , with this there are 10 thousand 861, of which 40 percent are pediatric and 60 adults, same that are treated in 64 hospitals, 15 UMAE and 49 Second Level.

In work session 105, it was agreed to follow up on the report on the maximum times for supply and delivery of medicines, distribution on the application of the Golden Hour and the requirement of a pediatrician in the Emergency area at HGZ No. 1 in San Luis Potosi. The supply report of vitamin E in Culiacán, Sinaloa will also be addressed.

Likewise, the transplant process of various cases will be monitored, appointment scheduling, the report of waiting times for bed assignment at the Hospital de Especialidades de Puebla, the registration report in the APP of oncological patients of the same medical unit and monitoring of the remodeling at CMN La Raza.

Present on behalf of the IMSS were unit coordinators and heads, hospital directors and authorities from the Representative Offices of Aguascalientes, Baja California, Chihuahua, Puebla, Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa, Veracruz Sur, Quintana Roo and Yucatán.

On behalf of the mothers and fathers of pediatric cancer patients, were Dulce, María, Adriana, Alma, Ana Cecilia, Ana Laura, Ana Luisa, Anabelle, Araceli, Beatriz, Blanca, Brenda, Elvira, Hilda, Jessica, Lidia , Lizbeth, María Brenda, María Elena, María Guadalupe, Maribel, Marisela, Mitzi, Mónica, Nereyda, Perla, Raquel, Rocío, Sayuri, Tania and Teresa; and Mr. Mario, Joaquín and Rafael.

With information from the IMSS

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