on TikTok they share VIDEOS of the pets "visiting" their offerings

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He Day of the Dead is one of the dates most important for mexicansas it evokes a feeling of nostalgia when remembering the beloved who have already left, as well as the petswhose life is usually shorter, but who equally leave an indelible mark on each person.

Thus, there is a belief that every October 27 must be placed altar to pets who have already died, just as one would do with a humanso many choose to place their favorite food, toys and photos. This tradition is gaining more and more strength with the existence of social networks, since Internet users share their Offerings with other people.

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@lunaadt I am #diadelosmuertos #27octubre #perros #diadelosmuertosaltar #diadelosmuertos2023 #dog #love #fyp #fypviral original sound - animated

VIDEOS: TikTok users show how their pets "visited" them this October 27

Since the early hours of this October 27, TikTok was flooded with videos that show the Offerings that some humans prepared for their deceased pets, the clips were set to the songs "Remember me" and "The beat of my heart"from the movie disney "Coconut", which portrays the Day of the Dead in Mexico.


Remembering his friends

The Beat of my Heart - Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo

But in some of these videos The reaction of his living pets drew attention, as the little dogs that stared at the altarsome of them they barked while others growled at them or they cried without any reason.

@gamarayy They have already arrived to play #ofrenda #octubre27 #ofrendademascota Remember me (Reunion) - Luis Ángel Gómez Jaramillo & Rocío Garcel

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Even in a video published by user @knavp18 you can see a little dog getting up towards the photos of the deceased dogwhich was his mother. Another video that generated hundreds of comments It was one in which you can see the offering and a candle lit, whose flame begins to move when they talk to him like they used to talk to their pet.

@miriamprz19 Came to visit us #altardemuertos #diademuertos #visitadeperros #velas #parati #paranormal #dog original sound - I'll upload whatever suits me

The videos have generated nostalgia among those who have lost a pet and Internet users have reported that they already use to put their offering to their deceased petsbut not only puppies, they also mention rabbits, hamsters and birds to whom they remember with great affection.

@knavp18 We all miss her very much. #diademuertos #27deoctubre #puppies #pets #altar #noviembre #mexico original sound - animated

It should be remembered that according to the beliefthis visit only lasts one daybut there are those who tend to leave their photos and food at the altar to continue remembering them on these dates, since the following days begin the other visits according to the calendar:

  • October 28: people who died in an accident or suddenly
  • October 29th: people who drowned
  • 31 October: boys and girls who were not baptized or babies who were not born
  • November 1st: children who died
  • November 2: faithful departed

@scarlxtt_sc No matter the religion or beliefs, making this altar is the best thing I could have done, thank you for coming to visit us. My Abu and my Lois, we love you forever #foryoupage #pets #love #mexico #chile #diademuertos original sound - animated


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