On 27 N AMLO will march with cigars carried Ricardo Anaya

On 27-N, AMLO will march with cigars carried: Ricardo Anaya

Mexico.- Through his most recent video uploaded to social networks, PAN member Ricardo Anaya assured that the march called by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for November 27, on the occasion of his four years in government and to defend his electoral reform, he will use public resources and manipulate the people who benefit from social programs. It will be a march of carried, then.

“It doesn’t matter how many people López Obrador takes to march, because they are going to use public resources, because they are going to put pressure on the people who receive government support,” Anaya said.

“He does not understand that he does not understand: instead of recognizing the voice of those who think differently, the president tries to make noise so that it is not heard. In other words, his response is the same as always: instead of listening, he screams, ”said the panista.

On the march of 13-N, Ricardo Anaya stated: “Against what the president rudely says, a plural march, where there were people of all conditions, of all beliefs, of all ideologies.”

In addition, Anaya reproached AMLO for not keeping his word: a few months ago he assured that when there was a demonstration of more than 100,000 people against him, he would resign from the Presidency and go to his ranch in Chiapas.

Finally, Anaya maintained: “The march on the 13th was an authentic citizen march; On the other hand, the one called by the president, precisely as a visceral reaction to the first, will be the march of the hauling”.

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