Omar García Harfuch receives the Baton of Command from the towns of Tlalpan

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The candidate for the candidacy for the Head of Government of Mexico City, Omar García Harfuchreceived the Staff of Command from the native peoples of San Miguel Topilejo, Tlalpan.

During the event that took place this Saturday, the former Secretary of Citizen Security thanked the residents of Tlalpan for the gesture and the support of the “people organized to move forward, to continue with this legacy of honesty, of principles, of transformation of public service for the benefit of people, in a city project where everyone can fit; in a city project where there is no division but unity.”

“We are living a great experience, which calls on all of us on these journeys to join forces to move forward in security tasks; in the tasks of attention to the causes and in the tasks to generate greater well-being,” she added.

Before supporters, he reiterated that he has an absolute commitment to serve the city and the country with determination, and added that the exercise of power only makes sense if it is for the service of others.

“We agree with the humanist vision of our President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that is why we are going to fight to end inequality together with you, and guarantee education, health, and housing for all people,” projection.

Finally, he asked to work together for a city without division or inequalities. “My goal is to team up with you and of course with Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum from Mexico City, because I am sure that under her leadership as the next president of this country, we will consolidate the unity and progress that our city requires.”

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