Olympic marathon in Paris 2024 will remember the French Revolution | Video

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The competitors of marathon of the 2024 Paris Olympics will run from the cI enter the city to Versailles and vice versa, on a tour designed to pay tribute to women and to commemorate one of the fundamental historical events of the French Revolution.

The route of the Olympic marathon, presented this Wednesday, follows the model of the Women's March on Versailles October 1789, in which thousands of women, mostly market vendors, Furious about the price of bread, they went to the lavish palace of King Louis XVI and they forced him to return with them to the center of the capital in an event that, according to historians, ended the absolute power of the monarchy.

Tony Estanguet, director of the organizing committee of paris 2024declared to Reuters about the route that the Olympic marathon will follow: "We really want to innovate."

We try to give meaning to our events and choosing this tour was a good way to do it.

For the first time since the women started running the olympic marathon in 1984will conclude the athletics program, contesting his marathon one day after the men's event.

While, Anne Hidalgomayor of Paris, noted at a press conference:

Women first. We wanted to celebrate women.

While, Valerie Pecresse, responsible for the Ile de France region, Greater Paris, added:

Paris is a place of revolution. It is a revolutionary city, so this tour makes sense.

The organizers have also added two massive tests, a marathon and a 10 kilometer race, so that non-Olympians can take the tour. Each of them will be open to 20 thousand 024 participants.

Amelie Oudea-Castera, Sports Minister stated:

Our country proclaims that high-level sport must be more than ever a source of inspiration for all generations, while promoting mass participation.

Sport has the power to positively transform society: let us give it all the means to do so.

The marathon route will pass through Parisian monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Palais Garnier, Tuileries Garden and several world-famous bridges.

(With information from Reuters)

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