Ohio man charged with threatening mass shooting at California high

Ohio man charged with threatening mass shooting at California high school

Alex Jaques of Ohio was charged with threatening to carry out a shooting at a California high school.a, the Justice Department announced this week.

The 21-year-old man was officially charged with making interstate threats, and the FBI found out about it because he posted videos of his guns on YouTube, according to the Justice Department.

According to Jaques in the video, supposedly shot a Chromebook and then threatened Washington High School in Salinas, California.

“Video shows an Uzi-style weapon being discharged in rapid succession and multiple shots from a rifle-style weapon,” a Justice Department statement read.

That video was titled “Torture Testing a Chromebook,” the Justice Department says. They say she got the laptop because one of his brothers supposedly went to school.

Court documents say Jaques made direct threats to the school.

“Hey guys, let’s torture ourselves testing a…Washington High School Chromebook, (and) from Washington High School in Salinas, California, where I plan to return eventually…to complete my to-do list…I’ve filled out the names and addresses from the people who have hurt me over the years,” Jaques said.

He then immediately stabbed the laptop repeatedly with a screwdriver, according to a complaint filed in federal court by the Justice Department.

Jaques then declared: ‘Washington Middle School, you’re next‘, then fires at the laptop multiple times with what appears to be three separate firearms,” ​​the complaint continued.

Police say they found the gun when they searched the house.

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