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Francisco Garfias.

We are in mourning. The mayor of San Miguel Totolapan, Guerrero, and 18 other people, including his father and several police officers, were brutally murdered in an attack claimed by the criminal organization The Tequila Makerswho was presumed missing. Twenty others were injured.

But do not worry. In Mexico “there are no longer massacres”, President López Obrador has reiterated in his reports, which are not reports but pure propaganda in favor of his government and against anyone who dares to question it.

The national leadership of the PRD condemned the "cowardly murder" of the mayor and demanded justice. “Enough of violence and Impunity”, he wrote in Twitter umpteenth.

This new massacre reflects the failure of the "hugs not bullets" strategy, which the man from the Palace refuses to review. It is also a painful sign that not even with the Armed Forces in the streets will we recover tranquility, if there is not a change in strategy.

Today there is no end to the violence in Mexico. The impunity with which the criminals operate leaves the residents of hot zones no choice but to exclaim “Oh, my God!”, as we heard in a video of the massacre in that small town of Guerrero.

Bitter dessert: in Cuernavaca, Morelos, deputy Gabriela Marín Sánchez was executed, one day after five assassins in Puebla ended the life of Blanca Esmeralda Gallardo, the fourth assassinated searcher mother.


Not even 24 hours after his brother Ismael voted against the reform that extends the stay of the Army in the streets until 2028, we learned that a federal judge issued a new arrest warrant against the former governor of Tamaulipas, Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca, for alleged “organized crime”.

At the same time, a migratory alert was issued so that he does not leave the country, although the local press already places him in Texas.

Cabeza de Vaca himself says, in a tweet, that he learned of the arrest warrant and the immigration alert against him through a SEGOB statement.

“I am not surprised by this new wave of political persecution. The government needs distractors. My defense will provide the pertinent information. Stop chasing opponents, ”he wrote on twitter.

PAN member Santiago Creel, president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, highlighted the "notorious coincidence" between the arrest warrant and the vote of Ismael García Cabeza de Vaca in the upper house.

The senators of the PAN uploaded a statement to social networks in which they disapprove of the "political persecution" against Cabeza de Vaca, and condemn that the institutions that should seek justice, lend themselves to comply vendettas.


Elba Ester Gordillo won her lawsuit against the SAT, which demanded a payment of 10.1 million pesos in miscellaneous taxes (ISR VAT, Business Tax, surcharges and fines) for the 2011 fiscal year.

The matter was resolved yesterday in the session of the Federal Court of Administrative Justice. The rapporteur magistrate, Carlos Mena Adame, argued that the authority did not respect the plaintiff's right to a hearing, who, he said, "was deprived of her liberty, so it was not possible for her to duly exercise her defense."


A second lawsuit against the powerful companies that sell weapons and the names that buy them on behalf of criminal gangs will be presented in Arizona by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

In his terse appearance in the Senate, he also announced that Mexico is going to appeal the refusal of a federal judge from that country to admit the 10 billion dollar lawsuit against the powerful United States arms manufacturers, who put the business above human lives.

The appearance made it clear to us that Ebrard, one of AMLO's corcholatas for 2024, is not frowned upon by the opposition. Yesterday he was covered even by Morena's ultras.


One of the statistics that Alejandra del Moral boasts the most, a candidate for the PRI-PAN-PRD alliance in the State of Mexico, is her time in the local tricolor (October 2018 to February 2022.)

N analysis of the cuts made by the INE in the 2018 election show that the PRI, without a coalition, won one million 444 thousand votes; and in 2021 it rose to one million 800 thousand votes.

Its representation in Congress today is 23 deputies, while in 2018 it was 12. As president of the PRI in last year's election, Del Moral recovered 51 municipalities and 13 districts.

Draw conclusions.

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