Officials from CDMX, Tlaxcala and the State of Mexico announce the creation of an Audiovisual Cluster

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Today the formation of the Audiovisual Cluster of the Valley of Mexico (CAVAM) was announced, made up of CDMX, the State of Mexico and Tlaxcala. The new cluster will promote the film and audiovisual industry of these entities through coordination between authorities, various production studios, service companies and talent agencies that operate throughout the production chain. The audiovisual cluster will help design public policies and joint legislation to promote the industry, help local governments establish best practices and facilitate the exchange of information. In this way, Mexico takes an important step in its consolidation as a leader in the Spanish-speaking world in the audiovisual industry.

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The announcement occurs in the context of the annual awards ceremony of the Association of Independent Commercial Producers of the United States, which in an unprecedented way decided to hold the event in Mexico City on November 2. This decision shows the importance of Mexico City as a film and audiovisual production center worldwide.

During the press conference, Inti Muñoz Santini, Undersecretary of Government of CDMX, participated; Guillermo Saldaña, Film Commissioner of Mexico City; Jair Cabrera, advisor for attracting foreign investment at the CDMX Development Secretariat; Antonio Martínez Velázquez, Secretary of Culture of Tlaxcala, and Laura González, Secretary of Economic Development of the State of Mexico. Also present during the announcement were Avelino Rodriguez, president of Canacine, and Carlos Monroy, director of the Motion Picture Association (MPA) for Mexico, an association that represents the main Hollywood studios (Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Warner, Universal ) in the country.

Avelino RodrĂ­guez highlighted that "audiovisual production plays an increasingly important role in the nearshoring phenomenon, attracting more and more foreign investment to production and the secondary industries it supports such as: manufacturing, logistics, tourism, restaurants and services. This production corridor is a recognition of the contribution that the film industry makes to the economic growth of Mexico, and will facilitate a series of large-scale projects in the three states."

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The creation of this cluster recognizes the economic importance of production for these three states. 84% of Foreign Direct Investment in the audiovisual sector was invested in the Valley of Mexico, and reached more than 927 million dollars last year. The main production companies are located in the metropolitan area and, on average, 1,100 productions are made each year in the country's capital. In addition, there is a regulatory and operational framework that provides certainty to the industry, through which more than 6,900 filming permits have been granted and 10,500 locations are requested to produce series, films, commercials, music videos, among others. In Mexico City alone, the industry contributes to 11% of the Mexican capital's GDP and provides direct employment to 800,000 people, not counting the indirect jobs that the industry promotes.

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