Officialism fails to comply with SCJN sentence for deputies to clarify resource reduction to INE this year: PRD

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Mexico.- The Parliamentary Group of the PRD this Thursday voted against the opinion of the Budget and Public Account Commission, endorsed by Morena and its allies from the PT and PVEM, after warning that the ruling issued by the Supreme Court is being breached once again Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) that instructed this Chamber to justify the budget cut of 4 thousand 913 million pesos to the National Electoral Institute (INE), in the Expenditure Budget of the Federation for the current fiscal year, ruling that a Once again she is violated by Morena and her allies.

In this sense, in a statement, the deputy Miguel Ángel Torres Rosales announced that the approved opinion will end up being invalidated by the Supreme Court.

"In a short time, we will again be discussing absurd opinions on this same issue, because they do not want or have the interest to learn to legislate," he said when presenting the position against the bench.

He stressed that there is a clear violation of the division of powers in this matter and evidenced Morena and its allied parties, because before the INE they assume that the budget issue is the exclusive power of this sovereignty, but "when it comes to the Executive they kneel and surrender homage approving everything he commands without changing a comma”.

The also member of the Budget and Public Account Commission recalled that in July of this year the Judiciary granted the reason to the INE and declared the invalidity of the PEF Decree for 2022, regarding the budget assigned to the INE, in Annexes 1 and 32, in Branch 22, considering that there is no justification for the modification made to the draft by said body.

In addition, he said that the Court instructed this sovereignty to correct the problem clearly justifying the reason for the reduction against the preliminary project presented by the Institute in charge of Lorenzo Córdova or, where appropriate, reverse the reduction by modifying the decree.

In turn, the deputy Elizabeth Pérez Valdez, vice-coordinator of the caucus, stated that it will not be endorsed in any way that this Chamber intends to weaken the INE.

He recalled that ensuring democracy and autonomy of institutions has been a historic struggle of the "Aztec Sun" party.

“This Institute has cost us PRD supporters, we have been the ones who have shed blood to achieve democratic institutions,” he added.

“To whom it has cost, it is to those of us who have been defending this country before this, which today is the official party, existed, this majority that has no history and that history has been stolen from the PRD because, before that, They didn't exist," he said.

Likewise, he specified that defending the INE and its budget, "is defending democracy, the same one that we have built from the left that the PRD means."

“We are going to be here again and again, until it is clear to you that you are not just coming to raise your finger. They come because they are representatives of the citizenry that demands that we have high vision, that we leave this country better than how you found it now that you have played with the hope of the citizens”, he concluded.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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