Official visit of the President of Cuba in Algeria concludes | News

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, concluded his official visit to Algeria this Saturday, the first point of a tour planned since last November 16 and that continues in Russia, Türkiye and China.


Cuban President begins tour of Asia, Africa and Europe

According to the official government website, the prime minister of that country, Aiman ​​Benabderrahmane, fired the island’s president at the airport, after a meeting where they agreed on the importance of working quickly on the implementation of bilateral agreements.

In this regard, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez indicated that President Díaz-Canel’s visit to Algeria marks a milestone in the development of bilateral relations.

The foreign minister described the journey carried out since last November 16 as excellent, intense and fruitful and valued the enormous feeling of friendship and solidarity with the Caribbean nation.

The highest head of diplomacy also mentioned the understanding that exists regarding “the heroic struggle of our people in the midst of difficulties and a feeling of deep gratitude for Cuban cooperation, in the field of health, which began in 1963 and lasts until today.

In statements to the island’s president’s communication team, Rodríguez affirmed that the dialogue with the Algerian president, Abdelmajid Tebboune, was fruitful, cordial, and in-depth, and recalled the high-ranking dignitary’s support in the fight against the economic, commercial, and financial blockade.

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, announced this Saturday that he had a “cordial meeting” with the Prime Minister of Algeria, Aiman ​​Benabderrahmane, at the end of his visit to the African country.

“Almost concluding my visit to Algiers, I held (a) cordial meeting with Prime Minister Aiman ​​Benabderrahmane,” the president of the Caribbean nation wrote on his Twitter social network account.

“We agree on the importance of working quickly on the implementation of the agreements reached yesterday with President (Amadjid) Tebboune,” specified the Cuban head of state.

In his interview with Tebboune, the Algerian president confirmed to his Cuban counterpart the decision to cancel the payment of bilateral debt services and then postpone their repayment to another time.

Díaz-Canel began an international tour of countries in Asia, Africa and Europe last Wednesday in Algeria, which will also take him to Russia, Türkiye and China.

The Cuban president finished his visit to Algeria this Saturday and plans to arrive this same day in Moscow, where next Monday he has scheduled a job interview with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Last Tuesday, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, declared: “We are waiting for the visit of President Díaz-Canel to Moscow and, in fact, contacts are being prepared between the two heads of state, since it is a very important visit, since Cuba is a very important partner for Russia.”