Of heroes and heroines 2023/10/03

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• Noel León established total dominance and managed to win seven races and eight podiums.

True heroes and heroines are the Mexicans who manage to stand out abroad in the framework of international competitions and, on the weekend, fortunately, the Yucatecan golfer Isabella Fierro and the Monterrey pilot Noel Leon they have triumphed; the one from the north, in the so-called formula car competition, Euroformula, in which she simply established total dominance, while Isabella has entered the top ten of the EPSON Tour, placing herself, after her victory in the Tuscaloosa Toyota Classic, with a cumulative score of thirteen under par in the three rounds, without a doubt, a splendid performance.

In the case of Noel Leon Wonderful things were expected of him when the Red Bull Racing driver training program integrated him into its ranks, unfortunately things did not go his way and he was fired from that team; Fortunately, in this season he established total dominance and managed to win seven races and eight podiums in total, with a significant amount of points ahead of second place in the championship, evidently in his first year under the auspices of Red Bull things were not They were easy because the adaptation to European circuits and motorsports took time, now it is a reality and the future is wide open.

So it makes Isabella, from a very young age she had shown signs of her talent, with magnificent results as a teenager, but unfortunately a wrist injury had stopped her in her dazzling rise in golf. He never stopped fighting against adversity and all the unpleasantness that sporting life presented him, now, and after a good streak in his first season as a professional, once he left behind university studies and competition at that level, he has improved notably achieving three good results, and now, a first place that puts her with one foot in the top tour of women's golf, the LPGA.

Isabella She has recently shown her extraordinary potential, a situation that I insist, she pointed out since she was a child and teenager, in the last four tournaments she has finished in eighth position, third, fourth and, now, the triumph. The season is about to end and in that eighth place of the women's promotion tour it is practically a fact that she will play next season alongside Gaby Lopez and Maria FassiHonestly something wonderful.

The great legacy of the former world number one, Lorena Ochoacontinues to bear many positive fruits, and I can predict that many more are coming.

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