of death and its mysteries

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La Roñawith the forcefulness, irony and frankness that characterize her, will speak about death with ease and will even answer questions from the audience about it, without leaving aside humor and singing, in her next stage presentation.

It will be with the show More alive than ever, that Darío T. Pie brings this character to life again, as he has done since the 1990s; an own creation based on the Mexican actress María Félix, known as La Doña.

This show is part of the Comedy marathon with cumbia and dinnera concept in which three proposals converge in a single function this Saturday.

Such a marathon, in addition to La Roñaincludes Susana Alexander, with her scenic and literary proposal Death strips my teethand Majo Pérez, with the black humor monologue Let no one be blamed for my deathby Humberto Robles.

The proposal is to present the public with a marathon with different shows. I think it is a very nice project, with three different ways of approaching the topic of death.

La Roña It has advantages on the subject, because it refers to the late María Félix. Since she is dead, she is going to talk to the public directly about it and the mysteries of it; clarify the questions that people may have about death.

It will create a dynamic with the audience and, based on the questions, I improvise answering them, but entering into humor,” explained Darío T. Pie in an interview with Excélsior.

The evening, in addition to presenting this meeting of talents on the same stage, also invites spectators to enjoy a dinner-dance.

In the case of La Roñathe character will address the different perspectives with which death is seen in Mexico: pain as well as celebration and memory for those who left.

I will talk about that with La Roña: there may be something beyond the pain that a loss produces and the transition that is speculated, although it does not present it as speculation, because it is a ghost, so with it the speculations become a true fiction or a fictional truth, since your perspective.

However, there is an investigation. There are testimonies of many people who have died for seconds and have returned to the body. These experiences are deposited in this exchange (with the public), as well as what the Tibetans or our ancients speak when they point to Mictlán or the reference to the Catholic religion and the new era. The metaphysical part of the matter, but with humor and a couple of songs, because he always sings La Roña, as did María, who was forceful, ironic, frank and revealing. We are going to embroider on that, for an hour and a half,” she said.

Darío T. Pie recalled that this character was born after María Félix gave an interview to Verónica Castro in 1991. He then worked at El Hábito (El Vicio), where they did cabaret shows.

It coincides with the fact that the owner of the place is going on a trip for a month and the show that had been left in place of the one she was doing does not work. It was all a very interesting situation and because of a random thing I had to do Maria. I was part of the small company that performed there, led by the owner, Jesusa Rodríguez, and it was a hit. She returns five weeks later and the show lasted another month. We were very successful where people were packed.

It seemed like a fun thing that I didn't take very seriously. I had my career at Televisa, I did theater and other things in film, but they started looking to repeat the show. For about ten years it was like that, until in 2001 they asked me for it for a restaurant on Paseo de la Reforma and I decided to put it on. La Roña instead of La Doña, because there was a rumor of a threat from her, to those who imitated her by using her nickname. I started doing themed shows and it worked very well,” she noted.

Darío T. Pie highlighted that he has not only taken possession of the character, but vice versa.

In my acting career I did very well, but internally I was always a little contrite, dissatisfied, frustrated, because at the end of the day, being an actor means putting yourself at the disposal of a text first and then of a producer and a director. I didn't always feel happy.

Many times I felt conditioned, because I needed continuity, for validity and economic reasons, so here, with La RoñaI found an aspect of freedom, of talking about what matters to me... I have always done film, television and theater, but more distanced and sporadic, having more constant work with La Roña", being my own producer, director and writer, accompanied by very valuable people, but me as the head of a mouse, which I like more than being the tail of a lion," he concluded.

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