Octavio Ocaña’s sister shares a photo of the last day she saw the actor alive: “Our last moment together”


Octavio Ocana He died on October 29, 2021, a date that will continue to be remembered with deep pain by family, friends and fans who continually use social networks to share a message in memory of the actor who earned the public’s affection for his character from ” Benito” in the comedy series ‘Neighbors’.

That’s how it was this weekend Bertha Ocaña recalled the last day she saw her brother alive, when he himself asked her to go to his house, because the young woman was celebrating her 28th birthday.

“This photo that I have saved so much It was October 27, the day of my birthday. My brother asked me to go to his house the rest of the day to be with him and finish celebrating my day…”, she wrote at the bottom of the image in which she appears lying next to Octavio Ocana.

The young woman, who a few days ago called on fans and possible witnesses to the actor’s death to share videos and photos that could contribute to clarifying the case, also recalled everything they did that last day they lived together.

“We ate and he started making popcorn, he put on his Netflix and chose a movie that I remember was very interesting but about halfway through the movie I fell asleep and so did he,” he added.

He stressed that this photo was taken by Nerea Godínez, the actor’s partner, and when the film ended, it was almost 10 at night, they stopped and said goodbye without imagining that it would be the last time they would see each other.

“That was the last day I saw my brother alive, that was the last day we slept together without knowing that it would be.”

Bertha Ocana

The actor’s sister mentioned that she had kept the postcard, wishing that time would return to relive the moment they were together, to “hug him tighter, fill him with kisses and tell him that he was the best brother in the world.”

This was our last moment together and I remember it every day of my life.“. mentioned.

For her part, her other sister, Ana Leticia, also shared how her last phone call was, where they talked about the great love they had for each other.

“While I I keep in my memory his voice and the things he said to me on the phone, our last call without knowing it, but we told each other how much we loved each other and how much we were for each other“He mentioned in the comments section of the same publication.

The testimonies provoked a rain of reactions and messages from fans, who expressed their condolences and raised their voices to continue demanding justice for Octavio Ocaña.

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