Octavio Ocaña will have a second tribute in ‘Neighbors’ and even his sisters will participate


The Serie ‘Neighbors’ continues to pay tribute to Octavio Ocaña, actor who lost his life in October 2021 and who won the public’s affection for his character “Benito Rivers”; so the production again promises to surprise with the return to acting of Bertha Y Leticia Perez Ocana, sisters of the late comedian.

On March 27, the series ‘Neighbors’ premiered its 12th season amid tears for the moving scene in which the character of “Benito”, played by Octavio Ocaña, was fired, but with the arrival of the next season, fans of the actor will live emotional moments again, as the actor’s sisters will have a special participation, in addition to the first actor Ignacio Lopez Tarsowho will be part of this new tribute playing the grandfather of beloved Benito.

The news was released by Bertha Perez Ocanaone of the older sisters of the actor, who through her Instagram account shared the invitation they received a few weeks ago to visit the series recording forum and with mixed feelings spoke of how difficult it was to set foot in this place again without his brother.

Despite the painful moments they go through in mourning, they are willing to continue with their lives, which is why she once again revealed that both she and her twin sister, Ana Leticia, will have an intervention in season number 13.

I don’t know miss season 13 with all our love and that of the production of Neighbors we made this appearance in the building in memory of our little angel, we are sure you will love it“He wrote at the bottom of the publication in which there is a preview of what will happen in the next chapters of the comic series.

Although until now the name of their characters is not known exactly nor what story they will tell, both appear characterized by identical blue dresses, making a Parody of Grady’s sinister twins from the movie “The Shining”.

As expected, the fans of the Pérez Ocaña family reacted with emotion when they saw the actor’s sisters on screen and expressed it in the comments section.

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