OceanGate co-founder rejects criticism of Titan, points out ignorance of James Cameron

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Entrepreneur Guillermo Söhnlein, co-founder of OceanGate, the company that operated the trips to the Titanic wreck of the wrecked submersible, today rejected some criticism of the company's security, considering that these people They do not have “all the information” to be able to give an opinion.

Speaking to British broadcaster BBC Radio 4Söhnlein, an American of Argentine origin, who left the company ten years ago although he still owns a minority stake in itsaid those who comment on matters relating to the safety conditions of the stricken Titan submersible are not "fully informed."

“People keep equating certification with safety and ignore the 14 years of development of the Titan submersible", lament.

According to him, "any expert who weighs this, including (director James) Cameron, will also concede that they were not there when the sub was designed, during the engineering process of the sub, during the construction of the sub, and certainly not when It was carried out the rigorous testing program the sub was put through”.

Söhnlein considered that what happened supposes “a tragic loss to the ocean exploration community” although he noted that anyone who works in the ocean “knows the risk of operating under such pressure and he knows that at a certain moment he runs the risk of suffering an implosion of this type.

James Cameron compares the tragedy of Titan with that of the Titanic; 'it's a nightmare'

James Cameron spoke about the implosion of the Titan submersible - in which four passengers and its pilot died - showing surprise at its "similarity" with the Titanic.

“I am struck by the similarity with the Titanic disaster itself, in in which the captain was repeatedly warned of the presence of ice ahead of his ship, yet he sped off into an icy area”, affirmed the film director to the American chain ABC News.

“It is a very similar tragedy in the same place. It's amazing and really surreal. (…) It's a nightmare that has gone through the back of all our minds at some point," he added.

Likewise, the Canadian director, who defended the safe practice of deep-sea diving, stressed that "many people" had expressed concern about the company OceanGate Expeditions because "what they were doing was too experimental and needed to be certified."

Titan was operated by this company whose CEO, Stockton Rush, is among the dead and who has also been criticized for having used commercial components for some parts of his ship.

(With information from EFE)

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