Obrador spoke about transparency in Culiacán

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Jorge Miguel Ramírez Pérez.

“So you also outwardly appear righteous to men,

But inside you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity” (Matthew 23:27)

Jorge Miguel Ramírez Pérez


López Obrador said: “there are things that are known before they happen”, he did not say what would follow said phrase, explaining the reason for it, which one?: they know things, because they spy, as evidenced by the Prosecutor of Cdmex, Ernestina Godoy who illegally asked Telcel in writing to tap the phones of opponents and their families, as published by the New York Times...

Yesterday, in Culiacán, dressed as a defender of democracy, López Obrador already learned grandiose, doctoral-type concepts. Different from those he used as a critic of Calderón and Peña, because promises such as those to fully attack corruption are no longer his hobbyhorse, they only served to make the middle class dizzy, and the same thing, but seasoned with vulgarities to deceive the lumpen proletarian, telling them that they had been robbed. Those were the verbal weapons of an Obrador to become president. Of those promises, nothing, no one in prison, neither now nor before. Pure mockery.

Yesterday he became conceptual. Insistent that God's will be done, but on his compadres' oxen, not his own.

Armed from the barracks, the visitor who came to support the governor in the long-standing dispute he is having with his former allies; Slowly, taking care of his words, it was agreed that the Autonomous University of Sinaloa is dominated by a chiefdom that manages public resources improperly.

Unusually, this time, without the usual objections against the judiciary, Obrador left the verdict to the judges.

The one with the folklore outfits forgot that in Morena's campaign for governor the chiefdom imposed its slogans and knows how much public money was spent opportunistically supporting, as they have always done, the nomination of an official of the PRI governments to become governor. At that time the chiefdom did not exist, according to the official version, which seeks to invoke amnesia among citizens.

And once we had entered into the academic definitions, to prevent minds from concentrating on the lack of congruence, and from the trenches of the military field, Obrador took the plunge of speaking with praise of transparency, he said cynically, that it is the rule of gold of democracy.

He presumed to understand that without transparency there is no democracy, and before logic showed the resources of hypocrisy, with a rhetorical leap, he referred, according to him, apart from a self-praise, which is said to be vituperation, that in his government transparency.

A master in the art of deception, he boldly touched on a central theme of official hypocrisy. as if all of us who are aware did not know that the Obador government has not given figures or reasons for its escalation of expenses by three times what was budgeted, in the “flagship” works as the flatterers call them; because he entrenched them in the hands of the armed forces apart from being fallaciously considered “national security”, in other words, if these data were to become known, it would be like an attempt for Mexico to lose its integrity. What a blatant invention!

And since he addressed the transparency that he originally dedicated to the officials and former officials of the UAS, he continued head-on against the advisors of the National Transparency Institute, the INAI, kidnapped by the slogan, as can be seen, of the executive that prevents the Senate, designate the necessary advisors to meet; and Obrador said that the advisors of the transparency institute did not want to report on their institutional expenses, which seemed like a contradiction to him, that those who ask for transparency do not report it, when it comes to them. To the amazement of those of us who were listening, his tongue did not fall into pieces. The man lives in a palace full of jewels and works of art, the costs of maintaining that property and services exceed any expense with which you want to compare it.

Is the current government the example of transparency? What happened in Segalmex, where Insabi is located, what has been done to the money of the FONDEN and the disappeared Trusts, peso for peso, etc., apart from the data on the support shipments to Cuba?

Saying that it was spent on social works is not enough. A transparent regime allows everything to be audited, each verifiable expenditure and destination. And that goes for all those who receive money institutionally. What is not shown in the Morenoist governments that ignore procurement and public works legislation.

And he who claims to be president of all Mexicans affirms that Mexico is already another, yes another, in worse conditions, the institutions disappearing to give way to the prehistoric way of receiving orders from a personalistic, authoritarian and rogue subject, whose law is their rolls and don't let them say that the law is the law.

And by way of closing, the morning man continued to shout against the media, he attacked the television stations that he said were surpassed by the networks, as if they were his invention, the ones that he should read; not only that they read what the bot farms spread that the regime hides without transparency. He hid behind dividing the entelechy of what he calls the people, he referred to those who do not think, but through their master, he says that they are not stupid; because the fools are the others, to whom he does not allow to be part of his people. And since the master already said it, you have to believe it, don't you, my dear people?

The charge Obrador spoke of transparency in Culiacán appeared first in El Arsenal.

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