NY wants fewer migrants: it sends them in trucks to Canada

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The New York City government decided to change its strategy to solve the migrant crisis that now runs through its streets. Whereas before, the state's Democrats criticized southern Republicans for sending foreigners by truck to the Mexican border, now they are sending them to the northern border, towards Canada.

As reported by the newspaper The New York Times, New York City authorities are “relocating” the migrants because the city has failed to assist the more than 42 thousand people who arrived in search of asylum.

Now, Mayor Eric Adams is replicating the strategies that he had criticized the Texas Government. As reported by the US media, the city that never sleeps has been buying tickets for migrants who want to go to other cities to connect with family or friends for months, especially Canada.

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In trucks financed by the city government, migrants are taken to roxham road, a town in Clinton County that borders its neighbor to the north. From there, migrants can apply for refuge in Canada and immediately receive health coverage, social assistance and work permits.

Although Canada has encouraged immigration in the face of labor shortages, it has also taken steps to harden its borders in order to stop illegal crossings. The North American country has pushed to submit the entire border between the United States and Canada to the Safe Third Country Agreement, a treaty between the two nations that came into force in 2004.

Besides the increase in migrants at the border with the United States has begun to set off an alert in the government of Justin Trudeau.

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According to The New York Times, in December alone, 4 thousand 689 people entered Canada via Roxham Road. More than all "irregular border crossings" combined in 2021.

According to Canadian media, the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has confirmed that his government's goal is to "reduce these irregular passages and promote legal migration."

After the publication of the investigation, the mayor of New York made an appearance on CNN, where he denied the accusations and assured that they were "inaccurate."

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