NY. limits shelter stays for immigrant families

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced Monday that he will limit shelter stays for migrant families with children to 60 days, in an attempt to relieve pressure on a city housing system overwhelmed by a large influx. of asylum seekers in the past. year.

The Democratic office said it will begin sending 60-day notices to migrant families with children in shelters to find other places to live. It will also provide “intensified social work services” to help families secure new housing, according to a news release.

It is the mayor's latest attempt to provide relief to the shelter system and the city's finances as he grapples with more than 120,000 international immigrants who have arrived in New York, many of them without housing or the legal ability to work. According to his office, more than 60,000 immigrants currently live in urban shelters.

Adams has estimated that the city will spend $12 billion over the next three years to handle the influx, establishing large-scale emergency shelters, leasing hotels and providing various government services to migrants.

Last month, the mayor limited adult immigrants to only 30 days in city-run facilities amid overcrowding. Adams also seeks suspend a single legal agreement which requires New York City to provide emergency housing to homeless people. No other major city in the United States has such a requirement.

"With more than 64,100 asylum seekers still in the city's care and thousands more migrants arriving each week, expanding this policy to all asylum seekers in our care is the only way to help migrants take the next steps. steps on their travels,” Adams said in a statement.

Recently, Adams conducted a four-day trip through Latin America starting in Mexico, where he tried discourage people from coming to New York telling them that the city's shelter system is at capacity and its resources are overwhelmed.

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