Now yes! Influenza-Covid 19 vaccination campaign begins in CDMX

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To face the winter season, time of greatest co-education of respiratory viruses, causing serious cases of disease, five million vaccines will be administered in the country's capital; three million against influenza and two million against covid-19reported Health authorities of the Government of the Mexico City.

This is the first time, since covid 19 appeared, that it will be applied, simultaneously, the SARS Cov-2 vaccine and the influenza vaccine.

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With the application of both biologicals, the mandate “of universal and free vaccination” is fulfilled, said the head of Government, Martí Batres Guadarramafrom the Macroplaza of Iztapalapa, the most populated mayor's office in the country's capital, where the president officially launched the 2023 Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign for the 2023-2024 winter season in Mexico City.

The campaign will end on March 31, 2024

As in the rest of the country, vaccination began this Monday, October 16, with a “low” demand; Only 900 doses were applied against influenza and 980 against covid 19, said at the official kick-off event of the campaign, this Tuesday, October 17, the capital's Secretary of Health, Oliva López Arellano,

The official specified that of the 35 million anti-covid and influenza vaccines that will be applied nationwide, Mexico City will receive five million vaccines; three million against influenza and two million doses against SARS-CoV-2, “to face the cold season, a time in which the presence of respiratory viruses intensifies.”

In this first stage, the Cuban Abdalá vaccine is available and starting in November, vaccination with the Russian Sputnik formula will begin.

“Both have optimal safety and effectiveness profiles for the protection of the Mexican population and have approval from the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris),” said López Arellano.

“Currently the best vaccine is the one available,” said López Arellano, highlighting that the Cuban vaccine has had a very good reception among the population.

From January to date, 400,000 doses of the Abdalá vaccine have been applied as a booster, he said.

In the case of influenza, a quadrivalent biological will be applied for the first time that protects against the most serious forms attributable to the four subtypes of the virus that circulate: two of type A and two of type B, highlighted Dr. López Arellano.

The head of Sedesa highlighted that, at the beginning of the campaign, vaccines will only be applied to priority groups such as: People 60 years of age or older, pregnant women, people with comorbidities under 59 years of age, and health personnel.

While girls and boys from six to 59 months will only receive the seasonal influenza vaccine; In addition, primary schemes against Covid 19 will be applied, that is, to minors aged 5 years and older “who have never been vaccinated.

To meet the demand, immunization will be carried out in health centers of the CDMX Health Secretariat, as well as the Mexican Social Security Institute, IMSS-Bienestar, ISSSTE and in Petróleos Mexicanos medical units.

Vaccinations will also be carried out at the Wellness Fairs and the Health Fairs, in addition to public spaces such as plazas and gardens of the 16 mayor's offices, and mechanisms will be enabled to bring the vaccines to people who cannot travel through the Health Brigades.


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