Now what happens on Line B and A?

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The Collective Transportation System (STC) Metro CDMX It begins its service on a work day at 5 in the morning. Here we present the most relevant things that happen throughout the day in this means of transport.

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Users of several lines complain about slow service and saturation on trains.

This is how users comment:

  • And the trains on line B?? They are conspicuous by their absence... Added to the usual slowness, a via crucis returns to the line.
  • Line A very slow, it stopped
  • Line 8 towards Garibaldi, completely stopped
 we have been at the Iztapalapa station for 12 minutes and it is not moving forward, nor does it indicate the reason!
  • What's up with line 7
  • Send units to the university for green Indians a lot of units and not even mothers to the university
  • I have been in Tlatelolco for 10 minutes and no convoy has passed
  • Speed ​​up the service, don't be mad, line A is very slow, we should have already arrived in PantitlĂĄn and no, I'm stopping early for your mamad@s.
  • Line one slow very slow

Closed section 2 of Line 1

Stations closed

  • Observatory
  • Tacubaya
  • JuanacatlĂĄn
  • Chapultepec
  • Seville
  • Insurgents
  • Cuauhtemoc
  • Balderas
  • Waterfall

Alternatives for closure of Line 1 Metro

There are several RTP truck circuits that will offer transportation:

  • From Isabel la CatĂłlica to Observatory
  • From Isabel la CatĂłlica to the whereabouts of Chapultepec
  • From Isabel la CatĂłlica to Alameda-Tacubaya

The RTP service will operate from Monday to Friday, from 5 am to midnight; Saturdays from 6 AM to midnight; Sundays and holidays from 7 a.m. to midnight.

The price of the service is 5 pesos, with free transfers between the Metro and RTP.

What does modernization work entail?

Replacement of rails, track bars, sleepers, as well as track devices and electrical substations will be carried out.

The work could be completed by mid-2024.

What to do if you suffer harassment or assault on the Metro?

In case of emergency due to harassment or aggression within the Metro, contact the Women's SOS Line *765, to receive specialized attention in cases of gender violence.


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