Novak Djokovic is crowned at the US Open 2023 | Video

Novak Djokovic is crowned at the US Open 2023 |
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The coveted and dreamed 24th Grand Slam title It's already in the display case Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic defeated the Russian in straight sets 6-3, 7-6(5) and 6-3 Daniel Medvedev this Sunday at US Open 2023 Final, to add his fourth conquest in Flushing Meadowsas well as the twenty-fourth 'big' of her career, equaling the legendary record of the Australian Margaret Court in singles.

The 36-year-old Balkan tennis player was tied until today with Serena Williams– who never managed to reach the two dozen 'large' no matter how hard he tried, like him male or female tennis player with more 'big ones' in the It was Open.

But now Djokovicwho celebrated his victory crying on the trackhugging her daughter and wearing a T-shirt in homage to Kobe Bryant, not only holds the Open Era record alone but also shares the absolute brand with Court.

Djokovicwhich tomorrow will be new number one of the ATP rankings instead of Carlos Alcaraz, defeated Medvedev, Spanish executioner in the semifinals6-3, 7-6(5) and 6-3 in three hours and 17 minutes.

The one from Belgrade achieved this historic record also taking revenge on Medvedevwho defeated him in the FUS Open 2021 final and also frustrated his attempt to win the four grand slams in a calendar year.

This is the fourth crown for Djokovic in ten finals in Flushing Meadows.

With Rafael Nadal between cotton and with Roger Federer already retired, Djokovic has taken a run within the debate on who is the best of the 'big three', thanks to a magnificent 2023 in which it has reached finals of the 'big four' and that has ended with three titles: the Australian Open, Roland Garros and now the US Open.

Only Alcaraz, with his unforgettable triumph in Wimbledonstood in the way of the Serbian to win the four grand slams in the same year.

Djokovic warned cautiously before going out to the Arthur Ashe Stadiumfull of stars (Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Sting…) and with the cover closed for the rainy day in New York, which Medvedev is “one of the mentally toughest players” of the circuit.

The one from Moscow came from giving a imperial lesson against Alcaraz from the back of the track, but the Serbian accepted the challenge and put up a rocky matchof eternal rallies and points cooked over very slow heat.

Djokovic exhibited superb patience, also knowing that he was entering a terrain where Medvedev is an expert at setting traps here and there with his lashes, and little by little each point matured without departing from the script at any time or falling into haste.

Instead, Medvedev, that looked like a impassable wall just two days ago, he entered the game badly, He conceded his first serve with a blank game (2-0) and throughout the first set he seemed strangely uncomfortable.

Quite the opposite reflected Djokovicwhat in he never relaxed and with a firm hand he sealed the first set in 48 minutes without Medvedev having a single break option.

The Russian took a step forward in the second round: he risked more in search of winning shots assuming the risk that his unforced errors would increase.

On the other side of the net Djokovic began to show clear signs of fatigue and that his physique was not at the same level as that of a Medevev with the lungs of a marathon runner.

So, The Russian finally threatened Djokovic's serve and, in a vibrant game of more than 12 minutes, he had his first 'break' option when one hour and 45 minutes of the match had already been played.

However, Djokovic solved it with a beautiful volley to the boat soon (4-4). He stretched his muscles, looked for sensations, He shortened the game looking for drop shots and volleys…

ButDjokovic got into trouble again with another very long game of 11 minutes in which Medvedev had set point that he wasted by not seeing a reverse 'passing' like a highway.

'Nole', graceful again, seemed to be at a dead end before a Medvedev superior and dominant.

The Serbian's mother was praying in the stands and some tennis god heard her, since his son ended up taking the tie break when everything was against me.

That second endless series of 105 grueling minutes and with magnificent tennis he left them with an empty gas tank: Djokovic went to the locker room and Medvedev received medical attention on the court.

Shortly after, The Muscovite fell while climbing the net and he was left lying on the ground. Djokovic jumped to the other side of the track to help him, but the Russian got up without any major problems.

it cost more recover from mental blow having let his rival escape alive in the second set and in the third, with a much faster pace, He conceded two consecutive breaks (4-2).

Djokovic was also on the limit and lost his serve once. But as soon as he saw that triumph was already in sight, He gritted his teeth and stretched out his hand. to reach another historic milestone in a legendary career.

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